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BRACE YOURSELVES, POTTER FANS: J.K. Rowling Regrets Pairing Up Ron and Hermione!

BRACE YOURSELVES, POTTER FANS: J.K. Rowling Regrets Pairing Up Ron and Hermione!

(HEART)BREAKING NEWS: In an excerpt from an interview conducted by Emma Watson for Wonderland magazine, J.K. Rowling expressed regret that she put Ron and Hermione together in the series, saying that their relationship was a manifestation of personal "wish fulfillment," that they would have required couples counseling, and that she might have done better to stick Hermione with Harry after all.

Deep breaths, everyone. I know that we're all struggling with emotions, whether positive or negative, too forceful and complex to put into actual words. The good folks over at MuggleNet are cautioning people to hold off on either a) dancing the celebratory conga or b) burning the wizarding world to the ground until the entire article comes out this Thursday, but that hasn't stopped a veritable tsunami of emotional upheaval across the board.

On Saturday night, the Harry Potter fandom rose like a phoenix from the ashes, and there was a resurgence of passionate debate the likes of which the Internet hasn't seen since the LiveJournal ship wars of the early 2000s. Social media was temporarily overrun. Battle lines were drawn. Loyalties were tested. Choice tweets were tweeted.

@elenasounds: really trying to restrain myself from all the people going "but can't we all just get along?" NO, YOU'RE EITHER ON THE RIGHT SIDE OR DEAD.

@rainbowrowell: Okay, I think we've all capslocked a few things tonight that we're starting to regret ...

@_jamesdawon: You think that’s bad? I’d have had Hermione go Dark Phoenix in book 6, kill Voldemort, and reveal herself to be the secret big bad.

@AHintofMystery: The saddest thing is that Viktor Krum still doesn't get a look in. He was just a passing fling.

Now that one pivotal HP relationship has been called into question (by its own creator, no less!) we're all left feeling vindicated, outraged, mildly upset, or maybe just kind of confused. After all, if J.K. Rowling wishes she had paired Harry and Hermione, then what would be the ideal endgame for Ron? And where would this have left Ginny? Personally, I think we should all just be thankful that J.K. Rowling didn't drop some other potential pairing bombshell on us, like...

  • Hermione/the Sorting Hat (also known as HermHat)
  • Hermione/Wormtail (Wormione)
  • Ron/Umbridge (Ronbridge)
  • Fleur/Dobby (Flobby)
  • Buckbeak/Hedwig (Buckwig)
  • Mrs. Figg/the Basilisk (Basilfigg)
  • Snape/Hagrid (Snagrid)
  • Helga Hufflepuff/Snape (Snaplepuff) (I'm told Time Turners are involved)
  • The Giant Squid/Hogwarts Castle (I'm not sure what's involved)
  • Draco/Dumbledore (Drumble)
  • Draco/Madam Hooch (The Flying Dragon)

At the end of the day, however, as novelist John Green constantly reminds us in times of strife and trouble, books belong to their readers. If J.K. Rowling really does, in hindsight, wish she'd gone the Harry/Hermione route, nothing changes. We're all as entitled to our own opinions as we ever were, just like Rowling is, and no amount of fandom turmoil will render the Harry Potter series as anything less than an enduring testament to most of our childhoods. (Unless, of course, you were pulling for Basilfigg. That's terrifying, and has the power to destroy us. I think we can all agree on that.)

Are you totally SHATTERED by J.K.'s interview, or did you always secretly think that Hermione should have ended up with Harry?

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