BREAKING: "The Fault In Our Stars" Trailer Just Exploded Onto the Internet

BREAKING: "The Fault In Our Stars" Trailer Just Exploded Onto the Internet

Hmmm? Were we chopping onions? *SNIFF* What? *SNIFF SNIFF* Oh, you mean ALL THESE TEARS? Yeah, well we just watched the new movie trailer for The Fault In Our Stars and it has BLOWN UP EVERYTHING, as promised. The trailer, which was just released this afternoon, is almost perfect. Somehow they’ve managed to show most of the story, without spoilers, AND caused us to go on a mini version of the emotional rollercoaster the book forced us to ride.

Really though, it was so wonderful to see characters we love brought to life and notarize everything we’d forgotten about the story that gave it juice: Amsterdam, the vaguely pedophilic swing set, the oxygen wheelie bag, the eggs! AND on top of that the line-up of actors is topnotch. Shailene Woodley as Hazel is a no-brainer—pretty sure we imagined the character looking like her when we read the book. BUT Laura Dern as Hazel’s mom?!? Yes, please! Mike Birbiglia as Patrick!? And AUGUSTUS? An apparition that can defrost freezers with a single "Because you're beautiful." Holy, holy, who ever cast this movie rocks.

Sometimes we shy away from sad movies and books, because the world can be sad enough, OK? Why do we need to go filling up our hearts with more bummerness? But The Fault In Our Stars embodies the perfect blend of heart-wrenching and life-affirming in the book. So good for the soul. If this trailer is a good representation of the movie, then it looks like they’ve pulled off that blend as well. How can we be excited to go see something we know will make us cry? Not sure, but we are. See you at the theater, we’ll bring extra Kleenex if you run out.

Aaaaaghhhh!!! Are you excited for this film? Will you bring tissues or sponges to wipe your eyes? 

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