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15 Signs Your Grandparents Were Spies

15 Signs Your Grandparents Were Spies

In case you missed it, a nice couple from Philadelphia with kids and grandkids came forward as part of the team behind the 1971 break-in at an FBI field office. They stole documents that showed that the government was spying on its citizens (sound familiar?!) and working to disparage those it thought were too subversive. Their decision to end a long-running mystery was exciting for the media, but IMAGINE BEING THEIR GRANDCHILDREN! If it were us, we'd be running all over the house looking for dissident messages in the framed cross-stitches. So how do you know if your grandparents are spies? Here are the top signs!

Their Christmas cards always ended with "burn after reading."

Every time you visited they had a new home and they insisted you refer to them by new names.

Their wedding vows were written in Enigma code.

In his later years, your grandpa would constantly complain about being unable to remember where he put his license to kill.

One time they were on vacation in Russia for seven years and only came back after some Russian people ended their vacation in the U.S.

Grandma’s cookies always had one with a cyanide capsule in it.

Their obituary was heavily redacted.

You couldn’t watch a James Bond film without one of them saying “That’s not how it really happened!”

You’ll never forget that time you were making too much noise and grandma put you in a Krav Maga hold.

For some reason you know the Russian phrase for “take me to the American Embassy and your family won’t be harmed.”

You were throwing their pens around and one of them blew up their fridge.

When they played hide and seek you would go weeks without seeing them.

When it was your birthday you couldn’t wait to run down to the pre-designated dead drop zone to see what your they got you.

You got used to seeing Daniel Craig at the house asking for notes.

When you heard them shredding documents you knew it was time for another family trip to the countryside.

Might your grandparents be spies?

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