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Writer Wars: True Stories

You guys nailed last week's prompt. In writing your true stories, you warmed my heart so much you could effectively cook a hot pocket inside its various chambers and tubes. You wouldn't want to eat it, that's for sure, but it was cooked nonetheless. There was an impressive variety to the themes, emotions, and methods of telling—each one had a unique feel. Great work!

As the Sparklers' Choice Award winner was so short (as you will soon see), this week's illustrated slideshow will instead be granted to the Reid's Read Read-Reading Read Award recipient, CrepuscularSnidget. Her story was somber and beautiful, detailing the moment a class of students broke down their respective barriers to unite in empathy around one student. Look for her fully illustrated story later on this week!

Topics: Life
Tags: sparklers, slideshows, short stories, creative writing, writer wars, true stories, illustrated slideshows

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