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We've Got Major Crushes on These 2014 Oscar Nominees!

Xavier Collin/Celebrity Monitor/Cosima Scavolini / SplashNews


If you haven't read Janet's fabulous nominations post yet, THEN I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. Get over there, STAT, and bask in the glow of her wit (it feels like SUNSHINE and smells like MICROWAVED CHIPS AHOY COOKIES).  Once Janet's helped you decide who should take home an 8.5 pound man-shaped statuette, come back here and  get mooney-eyed with me over the perfectly sculpted faces of my favorite noms. (Side note: I just realized that "noms" isn't only an abbreviation for "nominees" but also a perfectly apt description of how deeeelicious these stars are! As in "om nom nom"? As in "watch Thor house these hashbrowns"? As in "is this hilarious yet, or should I explain the joke some more?" As in COME ON, BUTTS, A LITTLE SYMPATHY CHUCKLE NEVER HURT ANYONE.) Click through the slideshow to check 'em out, and then hit me up in the comments section to tell me A: which super-fly celeb has won your heart (and your vote for SUPERIOR ACTING ABILITY) and B: that due to the earlier "nom" fiasco, I should cease any and all attempts at cleverness and just resign myself to CAPITAL LETTERS, for they are the recourse of the weak and sweaty. HEAVY SIGHHHHHHHH.

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