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Surprise! It's the FRIDAY AWARDS!

Surprise! It's the FRIDAY AWARDS!


WUUUTTT? You are saying. The Friday Awards are back? But…but… And then you are so shocked you look like this:

Aha! We here at SparkLabs are full of surprises! And this week’s Surprise of the Week Award goes to US for THESE NEW AND IMPROVED FRIWARDS.

If you are new here, or have been recently hit in the heaD with a large, blunt object, you may be Wondering what the excitement is all about (and yes, you should be excited). The Friday Awards, affectionately called Friwards, are weekly awards handed out to Sparklers for being awesome. This is where we recognize your hilArious comments, your creative posts, your clever profile pictures and usernames. Annnnd we just may leave a secRet message in the post (click here iF you find it).

So hold on tight, the Friwards are about to begin! [Cue dramatic music.]

The Good Taste in Eyebrows Award goes to Timey_wimey_stuff for this comMent on the Golden Globes Post:

 I still have no idea what was going on fashion-wise because I was distracted by Michelle Dockery's eyebrows.

I get distracted by her eyebrows a lot...

The Profile Picture Award goes to amustachioedabnaut, for this lovely Calcifer art.

The This Is How We Experience the Internet Award goes to Maura44 for this comment on An Auntie SparkNotes post:

Reading this comment, I'm picturing a nerdy girl like myself sitting at a computer and suddenly flailing their arms about screaming "FEELINGS! FEELINGS!" So I'm a bit too amused to offer constructive advice right now, sorry.

The ALL TOO TRUE Award Goes to smile-more for this comment on an Open Thread:

You know what I hate?
A society that insists that your life is meaningless if you haven't found romantic love by the end of high school. -.-

The Trendsetter Award goes to tophfan for thIs comment on the 2014 trends post:

*facepalm* Rats! I did all this stuff LAST year! That's why everyone was looking at me so weird!

I was ahead of my time.

The LOLZ Award goes to NinJas_are_Mi for this Comment on the OT:


Our Sparkler Post of the Week Award goes to wallflower19 for this post about being your local Designated Smarty Pants. We feel ya.

And finally, our Awesome Sparkler of the Week Award goes to screamingilyso. You know you're cool. We know you're cool. Here's an award to prove it.

Congrats, Friampions! Check back next week for another round of winning comments!

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