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Chasing Dave: The Fling Ring

Chasing Dave: The Fling Ring

I know you guys are probably wondering why Pete and I aren't dating already, but to be honest, it's a bit tough to happen. Like I've said before, guys just aren't hot enough for me yet. OK, seriously speaking: Remember the girl who was on the double date with him? Well, her name is Ellie and she's been in "love" with him since they were kids and is over-protective of him. Also, she happens to be best friends with both of them AND friends with me. So, why aren't Pete and I dating?

Meanwhile, things were smoother between me and Dave. We hung around quite a bit, got lost in endless conversation, had more coffee/ice cream dates, moved on to public hand-holding, cuddling and so forth. But somehow, we still weren't together. It's weird but we weren't. It was sort of like the opposite of friends with benefits. We were in a relationship without benefits—a FEW benefits, I'll give you that, yet it didn't feel like I was his girlfriend at all. All it ever felt like was a summer fling and there was nothing I could do or say that would make him DTR (define the relationship).

So, being the fierce, courage-bound chick that I was, I decided to put our relationship to the test: I went out with another guy from school. That's the second most stupidest thing I've ever done regarding him. (Note to Sparklers: Remind me never to a) tell people I love them, or b) try and make them jealous)

We hung around at a park right near the football field (so that Dave would see us and become oh so filled with jealousy and reveal his undying love for me, duh) but he didn't even get the slightest bit bothered no matter how many times he saw me pretend-giggle or whatever. Tired and fed up, I asked Guy to take me home, and five minutes later we saw Dave fast-walking towards us, huffing and puffing. He stopped and caught his breath just to say: You can't go out with him.

Me: Why, what's wrong with him?

Him: Not just with him. You can't go out with anyone.

Me: Dave—

Him: Is this a means of getting back at me for something? Because it really isn't amusing.

Me: And what's amusing? Leading me on towards something that isn't there? Taking advantage of me like people said you do? *

Him: I'm not—I'm not taking advantage of you. It's just that, I don't want to take advantage of you. The reason I'm not asking you to be my girlfriend is because you're too good for me. I don't wanna lose that. With you, I don't want a fling...I want something real.

Guy walks away to avoid awkwardness, Dave pulls me into a great big hug, and that's how that ended. Which reminds me, that was two days before he left for college. Was it wrong for me to have swooned at what he said? Was I being a ditz again because really, what promise did that last sentence even give when he was to leave so soon?

*Apparently, Dave has a history of flirting with people and then ditching them. Womanizer would be a much more defined term, but it doesn't agree with him.

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