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18 Signs You Have Helicopter Parents

18 Signs You Have Helicopter Parents

You feel them hovering... breathing down your neck... watching your every move... they're helicopter parents! Read these signs to see if you have them too!

  1. They are the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. Greetings, sunny bunny!!!
  2. You can always feel someone watching you. It's as if googly eyes are plastered all over your house.
  3. Every time you come home, your parents say "Let's roll the footage!" and begin playing your day at school on the TV... Because they have access to the school security cameras. You're jealous of The Kardashians because even though there are way more cameras on you, you're much less famous.
  4. They have your class roll call memorized and your top 17 best friends on speed dial. Can someone say creeeeepaaaay?
  5. They have 10 teacher-parent conferences a year. TEN.
  6. You've never tasted Halloween candy because they test every piece for poison. Shucks.
  7. There is a family moving plan for if and when you decide to go out of state for college.
  8. You've never been on an unchaperoned date.
  9. Heck, you've never been on an unchaperoned soccer practice.
  10. Your first phrase as a baby was "Leave me alone."
  11. You have never been alone.
  12. Your grades never slip because you always have two study buddy tutors by your side.
  13. You have no idea what your parents do for a living.
  14. Your other siblings say you're the lucky one in the bunch... and you don't know how that's possible.
  15. You have no idea what "going to the movies/mall/game with some friends" is.
  16. You have never ever slept over at someone else's house. You have, however, had many a "sleepover" in the living room. Fun!
  17. You never had to bring a signed permission slip for field trips to school because your parent always hand delivered them to your teacher... on the trip.
  18. Your dad's anti-torque mechanism is strong indeed.

Are your parental a little too protective? Tell us in the comments!

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