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The Video For Lea Michele's "Cannonball" Is Here!

The Video For Lea Michele's "Cannonball" Is Here!

Lea Michele nailed our ear holes in the best way when she released “Cannonball” last month, but now are eyeballs are loving life with her gorgeous video for the song, released last night on Vevo! You can check out the behind-the-scenes video too!

Let's digest:

  1. The song opens up in a dark and dreary attic... Is it Rachel Berry's New York apartment? Is it the place she gets stuck in with Ashton Kutcher in New Year's Eve? We don't know!!!! Wherever she is, we want to go there too.
  2. Lea is setting a real hair precedence for 2014. Those chunky bangs. Are. Amazing. Hair-mazing, even.
  3. Not to mention her perfect makeup. Jeeze! Someone do a tutorial—quick!
  4. Lea demands more light so then a piano/bed/crate thing falls over and lets in the light. Because when Lea wants something, everyone listens.
  5. Once the video lightens up, it cuts to Lea walking through a bunch of hanging lights a.k.a. the most beautiful holiday decorations ever. Then, she hangs out in what looks like a room of mirrors. Then, it looks like she’s standing in front of a giant disco ball light. LIGHT IT NOOOW! LIGHT IT NOOOW! LIGHT IT NOOOOOOOOOW! She must really like lights.
  6. There’s a lot of shoulder action here (and we've got mad should-envy)! But it doesn’t seem like Lea is trying to oversexualize this video, which is refreshing in this age of well… you know. To put it frankly, you won’t find any twerking here!
  7. The message and image of hope Lea presents is so powerful for anyone going through loss, big changes, or any other tribulation. We’re able to relate to her in this way since she publicly went through something so tragic last year.
  8. We love this video and hope it sets a trend for more hopeful, honest songs and vids in 2014. Or, we can only hope. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Y’ALL!!!!

Michele’s album, Louder, is set to be released on February 28 and if you can’t wait, then check out Lea’s second single, “Battlefield.” We’re sensing a theme here…

Here's the vid!

What did you think of the video?

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