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Should Midriffs Be Allowed to Attend Prom?

Should Midriffs Be Allowed to Attend Prom?

By Janet Manley

Prom Outfitters / Shutterstock

Prom season is still months off, but we are already starting to see some of the new fashions on offer. Fashion, like a parabola borne of a quadratic equation, requires three values to constitute a trend, which means CROP TOP PROM DRESSES are definitely happening, where a = this purple number at Prom Outfitters, b = this sparkly thing at E Dress Me, and x = a beaded two-piece at Prom Girl.

The tricky thing with crop top and skirt two-pieces is that they don't break the usual "no deep-cut necklines," "hemlines must graze the floor" rules that schools impose on students, which probably means school administrators will have to cook up all-new dress guidelines for 2014. Things like, "Bare midriffs cannot be more than one eraser's width," or "Waist tattoos will not be permitted," and for the men, "Please shave your navel if you plan on baring your midriff." For the particularly conservative school board, perhaps a solution is to be found in a nude netting interlay.

Here at SparkLife, we're just excited that we can focus on a new type of skin to show. Put your shoulders and clavicles away, and draw back the curtains on... your belly! Start faking-tanning your equators, Sparklers!

[Main image from Prom Outfitters]

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