How to Dress for a Date: 10 Fun, Flirty Outfits!

Is there anything more nerve-wracking than figuring out what to wear on a date? Sure. Loads of things. Competing in the Hunger Games, for one. Getting called on in BC Calculus is also pretty awful. But I'm not here to talk about teenage death matches or quadratic equations—I'm here to show you gorgeous outfit options for every conceivable romantic occasion! (Unless that occasion is a Calculus study sesh in the middle of the Hunger Games arena, in which case I CANNOT HELP YOU. NO ONE CAN.) Click through to check out my favorite flirty picks, and then hit the comments to tell me about your go-to date outfit!

 Dagger Note: Keep in mind that the following are basically my "I'M DATING JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT AND OUR RELATIONSHIP IS A ROM-COM MOVIE WITH A TRILLION DOLLAR BUDGET" outfits. In real life, you don't have to get uber-gussied up in fancy, expensive duds every time you go on a date, especially if you're more comfortable keeping it casual! I almost always opt for cute jeans and a tried-and-true top when I'm going out with a guy—but since I didn't want to make a slideshow with 10 slides of PANTS and SHIRTS, I threw some dresses and skirts in too. In the end, what you choose to wear on a date should be all about how confident it makes you feel—if that's an astronaut jumpsuit and a sombrero, WERK IT.

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