How to Wear a Midriff Tank

How to Wear a Midriff Tank

Miley Cyrus is onto something, guys. Tongue exposure and twerking scandals aside, this girl is killing it when it comes to fashion. She may not have started the crop-top trend, but she is responsible for making tummy flashing T-shirts look cool again. Once a staple of 90s teen tomboys, crop tops are back with a vengeance. Whether sporty, blousy, lacy, or structured there’s a midriff shirt to match everyone’s taste. It’s simple to find a top that suits you in terms of shortness and style—even if you’re not a teen pop sensation. The key is balance and basic fashion math: the amount of skin you expose should remain constant, so showing a new body part means covering another one up. Here's how to pull off the delicate operation of midriff shirt–wearing:

1. Slip something over. Cardigans, blazers, scarves, and jackets layered over tighter, shorter crop tops will balance out proportions and look very cool. Wearing a structured men’s cut jacket or sweater over a more feminine top builds on this idea and nets extra style points while also keeping you warmer than more flimsy womenswear counterparts.

2. Layer something under. Most crop tops have a looser fit than other shirts and look good thrown over a tighter tank or dress. Try layering with different colors, patterns, and textures to create more interest and keep an outfit from looking monotonous.

3. Match prints and colors. On the one hand, this is definitely a ploy by fashion companies to take more money from us. But on the other, now you've got two pieces to work with, leading to even more outfit options. When it comes to crop tops, buying a top and bottom in the exact same fabric creates the illusion of wearing a dress, and for some mysterious psychological reason, this leads other people to believe that the entire outfit is less risqué, and therefore more socially acceptable.

4. Make your own. If you can’t find one at the mall, or are too lazy to leave the house, DIY a shorter shirt by tying up a longer T or tank to just the right length. Customizing a shirt by temporarily tying it up is a great way to test drive the trend without spending any money.

5. Wear with high-waisted bottoms. If you’re not into exposing your midriff to the elements, then matching an abbreviated top with a higher cut skirt or pants looks very chic. It’s an outfit idea that showcases two trends and your fashion savvy all at once, while still staying appropriate enough to wear to your grandparents' house.

Do you think you can pull off the crop-top trend?

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