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14 Celebrity Couples We'd Like to See in 2014

14 Celebrity Couples We'd Like to See in 2014

Not to get all Braggedy Ann and Andy on everyone, but we're pretty good at celebrity couple prognostication. We're basically the groundhogs of celebrity love. 2013 gave us some amazing new celebrity couples, but we have a feeling next year is going to be even better. Here are 14 celebrity couples we'd like to see in 2014!

1. Zooey Deschanel &  Joseph Gordon-Levitt

We're not entirely sure what these two are doing on New Year's Eve, but we'd like to think that they'll be spending it (along with 2014 and beyond) together! At the very least can we have a Gordon-Levitt guest spot on New Girl? Or how about a sequel? 501 Days of Summer, anyone?

2. Anna Kendrick & Ben Schwartz

We mentioned the possibility of these two taking part in a clandestine relationship on the down low before, because well, look at them! That's the textbook definition of the word adorable. Are we the only ones who see this?

3. Taylor Swift & James Franco

We don't really believe these two would find their "happily ever after" together, but can you imagine the art that would emanate from a potential whirlwind romance? Absolutely anything would be artistically possible. A Grammy, Franco releasing a 180-minute poem about a black-and-white sunset, Swift quitting music to study archaeology at NYU, anything. If Franco dated Swift, he might just discover the cure for the common cold.

4. Rebel Wilson & Aziz Ansari

These two are the admitted wild cards of the list. There's a 90% chance their combined frenetic energy would lead to fireworks—and not the good kind. We're talking a crazy uncle, "watch your fingers" fireworks display. That said, there is a 10% chance that their hyperactive energies would converge into a beautiful display of 4th of July fireworks—the kind where you enter with 10 fingers and exit with 10 fingers.

5. Demi Lovato & Ed Sheeran

Is it wrong to will two people together because you phonetically enjoy the sound of their last names? Lovato Sheeran. Lovato Sheeran. Lovato Sheeran. Brb, we're going to go record this enchanting combination of names to use as our new ringtone.

6. Emmy Rossum & Josh Radnor

While he's best known for his role as Ted Mosby, the lovelorn lead of How I Met Your Mother, Radnor is also a prolific independent movie writer-director as well as a bit of an indie music connoisseur. Rossum, by the same token, is known primarily for her role in the Showtime series Shameless, but a closer inspection of her résumé reveals that she's also an accomplished singer. How about these two add to their growing collection of hyphens: Emmy Rossum-Radnor sounds pretty... Radnor to us.

7. Katie Holmes & Joshua Jackson

We know that Jackson is in a long-term relationship with Diane Kruger, but the allure of shipping is strong with these two. Just look at that chemistry from The Creek. That's right, I referred to Dawson's Creek as "The Creek." And while I'm letting my geek flag fly, that YouTube clip that I linked to is titled "First Kiss," but technically Pacey and Joey's first kiss was during season one, after they were forced to spend time working on a biology project together. Joey rebuffed his advances, but a kiss is a kiss.

And that is why I may refer to the show as The Creek.

8. Sandra Bullock & George Clooney

Mathematically these two superstars belong together. They costarred together in a movie titled Gravity, Sara Bareilles wrote a romantic song named "Gravity," so by the power vested in me by the celebrity transitive property, I now pronounce you dating. Boom. You've been mathed, Clooney.

9. Alison Brie & Taylor Kitsch

It's borderline rude that I put these two beautiful human beings together. It's like when we were kids and our parents would make playdates based on nothing but age and proximity. "Oh I'm sure you two will get along, you're both five!"

Then again, they would have the most beautiful baby on the planet, so let's start this rumor, shall we? Internet, do your thing!

10. Jonah Hill & Aubrey Plaza

If you read a Jonah Hill or Aubrey Plaza interview, you kind of get the feeling that these two share a similar disposition. They're always on but slightly off-kilter... which is basically the tagline to IFC. However, that being said, oh man are we really going to type this...we could IFC-them working as a potential couple.


11. Ben McKenzie & Michelle Trachtenberg

Because if it works for one OC/Gossip Girl crossover couple, why wouldn't it work for a second?

12. Bobby Moynihan & Vanessa Bayer

Live from New York, it's...possibly adorable LOVE!

13. Boo "The World's Cutest Dog" & Grumpy Cat

Because their Christmas card would BREAK THE INTERNET.

14. Mindy Kaling & B.J. Novak

Former sweethearts and current bffs, Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak are currently playing the role of that inseparable couple in your high school that insists they're "just friends." On the plus side, these two talented writers will probably cowrite this generation's When Harry Met Sally.

Which celebrity couples would you like to see in 2014?

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