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SURPRISEEEEEEEE! We Made You This New Web Site Specially

SURPRISEEEEEEEE! We Made You This New Web Site Specially

Dear Sparklers, notice anything? No, not our hair... Nope, not the barrels of coffee adjacent our blogger beanbags...  Not our insatiable hunger for life, internet comedy, and falafel. IT'S THE NEW SITE! Do you love it?!! We made it special for you!

That's right: while everyone was slaving away on study for their finals, holiday shopping for their families, and internet sleuthery on Reddit, we were busy at work chipping a brand new website out of a block of soapstone. Here is the site in its raw state:


And here you see it in its near-final state of coding perfection. Aside from building you a home that you would never want to fly away from, there were a few motivations behind the redesign:

  1. We wanted a clearer layout that highlighted the amazing word beans that fall out of the minds of the Sparklers, Sploggers, and Sparkitors. This new design sets posts apart better, so you can really get a good click on posts that seem interesting.
  2. We wanted glory-filled graphics in a larger format that would dazzle the eyeballs.
  3. We wanted to revamp the Sparkler reward systems with a more valuable gild of crown for worthy commenters.
  4. We wanted to make the site very share-friendly, so the Sparkler community can talk in and about good posts on the site within the kingdom of Spark, or on the social media platform of their choice.
  5. We just love sprucing things up. So spruce. Such tree. Much new. Wow.

The SparkLife team have been testing and retesting the various moving parts of this artistic masterpiece, but it is possible that there are still flaws hidden beneath the pulsing blue wallpaper of a new day. In the event that something isn't working quite right or you have ideas for improvements to the new site, you are welcome to email and/or tell us in the comment section and we'll spur our heroic tech team into action.

Anyway, we hope you like the new site and get good feels from spending time here with so much awesomesauce in the way of people.

—The Sparkitors

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