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Sexy Weather Talk to Deploy During This Cold *Snap*

Sexy Weather Talk to Deploy During This Cold *Snap*

Meeting that special person for the first time and don't know how to break the ice? Talking about the weather always  helps, but why not use that opportunity to make things even hotter? Use these examples and you'll be looking at a very SUNNY forecast.

"When I think of us together, my eyes get all misty."

"I made you this WINTRY MIX tape."

"We go together like a high pressure system and a low pressure system, leaving me lovestruck."

"Is that a thermometer in your pocket or are you just a mercurial god whose emotions are destined to run hot and cold?"

"You have a girlfriend? I don't give a sleet."

"HAIL-O there, handsome."

"Like freezing rain, you are supercool."

"Like a winter snowfall that buries sidewalks across the city, you make me feel salty."

"Like the trade winds, you make my heart sail."

"How about we check out that Thunder from Down Under?"

"Your body is like the sun. TOO HOT."

"Why aren't we together? I don't have the foggiest idea."

"Outside it might be partly cloudy, but in here it's partly ROWDY."

"I heard they're calling for 4-6 inches tonight."

"Your ASS 5 is a CLASS 5."

"When I think about you, my head is in the clouds, where rain develops and stuff."

"What do you see in those clouds? I see YOU and ME."

"I've got a warm front coming your way." *hugs*

"I'm a tornado and you're Kansas. Let's play the Wizard of Oz." *noogie*

"Our convection must be strong, because my feels are about to condense."

"You're sublimate."

Have you tried out any of this sexy weather talk?

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