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The Happiest Internet Moments of 2013

The Happiest Internet Moments of 2013

We love a good internet moment the same way we love grilled cheese: face first. Here are our favorites from each month of the year!

Beyonce Sings The National Anthem at the Presidential Inauguration

No matter what your political or musical affiliation is, this was an exciting and beautiful rendition of our anthem. Sure, there was some lip-syncing controversy, but in the moment, this was beautiful.

Surprise Pug Puppy

What could have been a very sad video turned into a sweet moment between a guy, his girlfriend, and their hilarious new pug. Watch this if only for the pug’s AMAZING carpet crawl. We smell a star.

Kids React To Grumpy Cat

The Fine Brothers are known for their thought-provoking reaction videos with teens, kids, YouTubers, and elders. This one is particularly sweet because 1) we love Grumpy Cat and 2) the kids have to think whether it’s fair to judge this unfortunately (or fortunately!) frowny cat. Obviously the result is the cutest.

Jenn & Brian Cancer Fundraiser—The Wedding of a Lifetime

Jenn and Brian were a young couple in love engaged to be married, when she Jenn was diagnosed with a very life-threatening form of breast cancer. Because of her new health issues, the wedding would be very difficult to pay for, so their wedding was paid by crowd sourced donations. Tear. Tear. Tear. Both their wedding and their gratefulness are beautiful. Oh, excuse us while we go bawl for a while.

Charles Ramsey Interview, Cleveland Man That Found Amanda Berry

Charles Ramsey turned out to be the unexpected (to himself, even) hero of the recovery of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Berry’s daughter from Ariel Castro’s house. Though the story of their kidnapping and time trapped with the Castro is horrific, tragic, and terrifying, this video marks a new beginning for the women and a very surprised and happy Charles Ramsey, who should consider a career in storytelling.

The Camp Gyno

This. Is. Just. Hilarious. Sorry, Manklers. Too good to pass up.

News: Ask Amy

Amy Poehler is full of sound advice for her young fans and this video is no different. She encourages us to be educated, informed, and our own persons…. Oh, and that straying from your parents and striking out on your own is healthy, expected, and important!

Christina Bianco Diva Impressions “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

This woman is hilarious, amazing, and deserves all the Tonys, Grammys, and Oscars!!!!!!!! Or at least a spot on Saturday Night Live.

An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set To Kanye West’s “Gone”

Sometimes you gotta take some big risks to get what you want and need out of life. Marina Shifrin quit her job with this creative and inspirational video, then she was later hired by Queen Latifah!

An Inspiring Waitress Gets an Amazing Surprise

Sarah Hoidahl paid the bill for two National Guard members during the government shutdown during her shift at Ruby Tuesday, so Ellen decided to cut her a big check (and later gave her a car too!). Doesn't this make your insides feel all joyous? Also, who wants Ruby Tuesday?

Goldieblox and the Rube Goldberg “Princess Machine”

So even though Goldieblox is going through some legal issues with the Beastie Boys over the original videos' use of their song "Girls," this was an exciting commercial and moment for young girls everywhere who are sick of all the dolls and princesses and wanna build stuff and learn! Future female engineers, you go on with your smart selves!

Luvabull Proposal

Why, oh why does a good proposal get us every time? Probably because we love a surprise! Luvabull dancer Ariana was surprised by her boyfriend and all her teammates plus the Chicago Bulls mascot were all in on it. Oh and Ariana's moves are FIERCE. Awwww, friendship, love, and dance win forever!

We know we didn't get all the best moments in, what were yours?

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