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The Best of Josh S's 2013!

The Best of Josh S's 2013!

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Josh is SparkLife's review reviewer-in-residence, and has sacrificed many nights to bring you the tastiest blogging of pop cultural events on offer. He is a chill bro.

Best song of 2013?

When I got the boo-hoos: Joshua Radin's "My, My Love." I also upgraded Lorde's "Royals" to the prestigious position of "post-shower dance song."

Catchphrase you couldn’t stop saying this year

Not to go all Scrooge McDuck here, but I'm not a fan of catchphrases; I think they're #hashtag LAME. Ha! You've been skewered, society. That said, when I hear people say "OMG" I follow it up with "How bizarre" because of the 1996 song "How Bizarre" by the band OMC. Most of the time I say that while alone in my room, but hey, it's a slice of life, ya know?

Most surprising thing in 2013

That I wasn't named People Magazine's "Chillest Bro of the Year." Second-most surprising thing: People magazine apparently doesn't have a "Chillest Bro of the Year" issue.

Celeb crush

Does it count as a crush if I actually marry Anna Kendrick?

Celeb BFF

New Girl's Jake Johnson. (Ed: Who *cough* looks vaguely like Josh himself)

New food that won your stomach

A friend of mine has these "Sky360 Club" seats for the New York Rangers and he took me to see a game earlier this year. Between periods they serve a smorgasbord of delicious food. I took this opportunity to commandeer the ice cream bar and create the absolute best root beer float known to man.

Best way to phrase a question?

Previous question.

Estimated increase in time spent on internet

Oof. It's embarrassingly absurd how much time I spend on this silly robot. Probably a 50% increase? I should go dig a hole and live in it.

Estimated years until we have flying cars

Fairly certain Back to the Future 2 was a documentary, so no estimate needed, friend. We'll have flying cars by 2015.

What you learned from SparkLife

That the teens and young adults of today are insanely bright. I aspire to be as cool as they appear to be.

Your #1 holiday gift wish

World peace? JK, a new computer!

Whose hair you wanted this year

Like to keep? I don't want to steal a person's hair! But if I had to steal hair I'd go with Timberlake.

Favorite selfie

Selifes rank right up there with "going to the dentist" and "getting repeatedly rejected by females" for me. The best selfie is this Ian Somerhalder/Neil Patrick Harris photo. I imagine NPH saying, "Now let's do a silly one," and Somerhalder being like, "No deal. Handsome ain't silly, Doogie."

Sometimes you get  photo Bombed by Neil Patrick Harris... Awe... on Twitpic

Least favorite selfie that you still have for some reason

Is all of the above an option? I'll go with Nick Jonas. Relax, handsome. We get it; you love situps.

Best thing that happened to you

I came somewhat close to receiving a development deal with Fox for a sitcom I wrote. Also, I apparently learned how to bragggggggggg.

Most embarrassing moment

My entire existence is a calamity of errors. This might be a six-way tie for the six times I co-karaoked to "I Just Can't Wait to be King" from The Lion King this year? Saying, "Sometimes I wish men could wear lip gloss," on a date wasn't exactly a highlight for my end of the year reel.

Favorite thing you wrote

The "Reviewing the Reviews" posts are an absolute joy to write.

Favorite SparkLife post you read

Justice is a Dish Best Served by Batman by Melissa Albert. I probably reread the last paragraph a dozen times.

Favorite piece of clothing/accessory

This rad bracelet my niece made for me!

Favorite movie of 2013

Confession: Like a nincompoop I googled "movies I've seen this year" before attempting to answer this question. That's not the way Google operates, Josh. I'd have to say I was completely charmed by The Way Way Back and unapologetically enjoyed Fast & Furious 6. Also, I highly recommend Mike Birbiglia's My Girlfriend's Boyfriend. It was unlike anything I've ever watched before.

Favorite baby names

Josie, Kelsey, Ruben, The Duke.

Favorite internet slang

FTW! (For the win).

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