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The Best of Elodie's 2013

The Best of Elodie's 2013

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Elodie is SparkLife's resident college expert, one of Chelsea Dagger's PERSONAL FLLLAVORITE Sploggers, and a truly delightful human being who writes truly hilarious emails. She could only improve herself by taking a selfie while wearing a wizard hat. OH, WAIT...

Best song of 2013: Here’s to Us by Halestorm or Midnight Memories by One Direction.

Catchphrase you couldn’t stop saying this year: Instead of my go-to phrase, "That sucks," I started saying, "Well, that’s Bad News Bears."

Most surprising thing in 2013: BEYONCÉ'S SURPRISE ALBUM. I also had the "Jaime Lannister looks like Prince Charming from Shrek" epiphany.

Celeb crush: Tom Hiddleston's dance moves.

Celeb BFF: Anna Kendrick. (Her tweets are my lifeblood.)

New food that won your stomach: Mustard, weirdly enough. Does that count? I’m saying it counts. I somehow went almost twenty one years without realizing how amazing mustard is, and I’m trying to make up for lost time. I'm just glad we found each other.

Estimated increase in time spent on the Internet: 1%. I was already spending just about the maximum amount of time on the Internet as it was, but then Vine happened.

Estimated years until we have flying cars: At least two. Maybe twelve.

What you learned from SparkLife?: Book people are the best people.

Your #1 holiday gift wish: My Hogwarts letter.

Whose hair you wanted this year: Tatiana Maslany's. HOW DOES IT DO THAT?

Favorite selfie: The ones where I smile into the camera and nothing goes wrong.

Least favorite selfie that you still have for some reason: This one where I was trying to send a snapchat of me in a wizard's hat, and a bird flew into the window:

Best thing that happened to you: I got my dog Molly from a rescue shelter.

Most embarrassing moment: I lost her immediately and spent half an hour sprinting around the neighborhood with a leash while whistling frantically in my happy bunny pajamas.

Favorite thing you wrote: Either this, or the long list of conversation topics I texted my friend for her date. (Highlights included "the pros and cons of dragons" and "cheeses and their countries of origin.")

Favorite SparkLife post you read: I'm a HUGE Jono fan, so I think probably his More Subtle Signs a Guy Is Into You (Or Isn't) post. I've been trying to slip the phrase "metric sexload of Cheetos" into casual conversation ever since.

Favorite piece of clothing/accessory: I asked for this for Christmas.

Favorite movie of 2013: Star Trek into Darkness.

Favorite baby names: Shadowfax, or Kingslayer. Or Josh.

Favorite internet slang: YOLO, but in the voice of my confused literature professor who doesn't use it right.

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