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The Best of Shivani's 2013

The Best of Shivani's 2013

Shivani is the inside, outside and overlap of all things college on SparkLife.

It really seems like only yesterday I was mistakenly dating all my papers with the year 2012, when really that was January and 2013 is almost done.Between Miley Cyrus's antics and the upheaval in Syria this should be seen as a very interesting time in world history. Personally, I'm still just as clueless as I was at the beginning of the year, but it was a good year nonetheless.

Best song of 2013?
"New Politics" by Harlem. It’s been months since I downloaded it and I still listen and dance to it almost everyday.

Catchphrase you couldn’t stop saying this year
TBH. I was that annoying person all year that used chat speak in vocal conversation. I’d just tack it on any old sentence, like “TBH, this smoothie isn’t great.” or “Actually I didn’t do my homework, TBH.” Frankly it was awful.

Most surprising thing in 2013
Learning that the drive through pharmacy is a real thing that I can use. (The future is now)

Celeb crush
Tom Daley. He looks like an elf. An adorable, sexy elf that I want to kiss a lot.

Celeb BFF
Mindy Kaling. She looks like she would enjoy breakfast for dinner, has great taste in clothes and is incredibly funny. In short she's perfect BFF material.

New food that won your stomach
Bagels and lox. I used to hate this stuff when I was younger but now it’s my go-to order at the local bagel place.

Estimated increase in time spent on internet:
Approximately two hours a day (on top of the seven I already spend). It’s almost tragic how much I think of the internet as an extension of my self.

Estimated years until we have flying cars
163. I have faith that these monstrosities will exist but I want to be safely dead when motorists take to the sky.

What you learned from Sparklife
I learned how to make my face acceptable for walking around in public. Typically I have two beauty modes, completely barefaced or lacquered like a drag queen. Instead of wandering around with smeared lipgloss and runny eyeliner I memorized Lucero’s Mila Kunis tutorial back to front and have been using her tips all day err day.

Your #1 holiday gift wish
World peace and a new flatiron for my hair.

Whose hair you wanted this year
Selena Gomez killed it. Whether it was long or short, wavy or straight I wanted to steal her hair and make a wig for my own use. (That sounded crazy, didn’t it? I promise I’m not insane.)

Favorite selfie

Least favorite selfie that you still have for some reason
This one. I just spilled coffee all over myself while trying to take a “I’m trapped in the library all day” pic . That is the face of true pain.

On a related note: I never delete my anything off my computer and I’m terrified that I’m going to leave my laptop open one day and someone will see my incredibly embarrassing amount of selfies.

Best thing that happened to you
I got a free sandwich at subway because I helped an old man walk to his car. It was a beautiful and tasty moment.

Most embarrassing moment
I cried because Happy Endings, my favorite TV show, was cancelled. My only defense is that it had been a really emotional week and that was the last straw.

Favorite thing you wrote
I had blast writing “A Standardized Scale for How Hard You’re Shipping a Character” but it was also surprisingly hard work to try and sound normal and not like the voracious, crazed fan-girl I actually am. I whipped up the actual post within thirty minutes but had to spend four hours reworking some of the more psychotic bits.

Favorite SparkLife post you read
I identify very strongly with Melissa Albert’s "My Most Unlikely Literary Crushes," mainly because I have a bizarrely strong infatuation with Captain Hook and Mr. Weasley too.

Favorite piece of clothing/accessory
Legwarmers from Uniqlo. My best friend gave them to me and I have worn them unironically for the past four months because it has been freakishly cold in the Pacific Northwest.

Favorite movie of 2013
Monsters University. My childhood came and slapped me in the face repeatedly with that movie and I loved every second.

Favorite baby names
Giselle, if I feel like giving my daughter a princess name, Tyler for either a boy or a girl because it sounds cool and Liam as in Liam Neeson.

Favorite internet slang
LBR—It’s featured heavily in my tweets and Facebook statuses.

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