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10 Minor Characters That Deserve Their Own Story

10 Minor Characters That Deserve Their Own Story


Sometimes you'll come across a character that makes you lament the fact that we're stuck following the protagonist around. While the main character is making with the heroics and farting around with love triangles, you're wondering what kind of sweet shenanigans and general hijinks the super interesting minor character is getting up to. These people deserve to be the Phil Coulsons of their own spinoff series, the Newt Scamanders of their own movie, the Edward Cullens of their own Midnight Sun. (Don’t look at me like that! I'm just making a point!)

1. Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series. When he wasn't sneering at Harry, taking points from Gryffindor, and apparently just walking around at odd hours in his nightgown (books one and four, I'm looking at you), what in the world was Snape doing? Just chilling in the staff room? Getting roped into a game of Gobstones with Dumbledore while they discussed matters of life and death? Did he and Filch ever hang out? That's not to mention his double agent role. He regularly rubbed elbows with everyone from Bellatrix Lestrange to Molly Weasley. We wouldn't mind a book from Snape's point of view when things started getting real up in Hogwarts.

2. Johanna Mason from the Hunger Games series. Johanna is unapologetically fierce, gutsy, and can presumably murder someone with nothing but her biting wit. She went from "weak" underdog to sudden ferocious victor practically in the blink of an eye to win the Games. Who wouldn't want a book about Johanna and Finnick striking up a friendship during their mentoring over the years as the rebellion begins to pick up speed?

3. Finnick Odair from the Hunger Games series. On that note, who wouldn't want more Finnick? Aside from having one of the most interesting and tragic stories ever, he won the Games at age fourteen, became a mentor, and even trained the girl he would later marry. This book doesn't even exist and it's already breaking our hearts and ruining our lives.

4. Creed from The Office. We think this was basically decided during that episode where Creed walked in while everyone was playing a murder mystery party game, was told by Michael, "There's been a murder!" without context, and immediately ran out in a panic.

5. The Cabbage Merchant from Avatar: the Last Airbender. Who was this man? How did he have the courage to pick up the pieces of his life every time his cabbages were thrown asunder?

6. Mistress Hibbins from The Scarlet Letter. From Hester's perspective, it's a tragic story of an illicit love affair for which she bears the brunt of the punishment, and which eventually drives Dimmesdale to his death. From Hibbins' perspective, there's something crazy going on with that Hester lady and a reverend and some other guy, or something, but it pales in significance to the fact that she's probably summoning demons in the woods. She's probably using witchcraft to play fun pranks on people.

7. Woody from Psych. He's the token crazy coroner. (That's a thing, right?) He's wanted in the Philippines for reasons unknown. He has predicted that Shawn will die in a gangland execution. Everything he's ever said has either been humorous or disturbing.

8. Gary Oak from Pokemon. Gary Oak, man. Remember Gary Oak? Every so often over the course of Ash's blundering snafu of a Pokemon journey, Gary would roll up in a red convertible with, like, six or seven girls, about nine hundred Pokemon, and the crushing weight of his own awesomeness. Ash would usually get the badge because he saved everyone from a timely Team Rocket attack. It's a bold notion, but we'd be willing to bet Gary Oak actually won battles.

9. Gale Boetticher from Breaking Bad. Gale was a weird genius with a passion for vegan s'mores, Italian jazz music, and Walt Whitman. How the crap did he end up cooking meth for a drug empire? We know the gist, but we'd watch that show. High school chemistry teacher turned meth cook was pretty good, but vegan karaoke enthusiast turned meth cook would be glorious.

10. The Dursleys from the Harry Potter series. Okay, okay, so the Dursleys are approximately no one's favorites. But they went into hiding with Hestia Jones and the excitable Dedalus Diggle. Think about it: three difficult, magic-wary Muggles must spend a year in hiding with a witch and wizard. THE BOOK PRACTICALLY WRITES ITSELF.

WE WOULD READ ALL THESE STORIES SO HARD. Which minor character novella would you buy in a hot second?

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