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What's JLaw's Hottest Look Ever? BETCHA CAN'T PICK JUST ONE.



TODAY IS A GREAT DAY, BUTTSKIS. For it is not only Friday, and therefore nearly time for you to cast off your 83-ton backpack and dive headfirst into a Sherlock marathon, but also JENNIFER LAWRENCE DAY—the hilarious, gorgeous, gif-tastic lady king of our hearts turns 24 this very morn! To celebrate, we thought we'd bring out a gem from our vintage archives; this slideshow originally ran in December of last year, but we're bustin' it out today so you may bask in the glory of Jen's greatest sartorial hits ALL OVER AGAIN. There are QUITE A FEW, so settle into your velvet chaise lounge (I'm currently sitting on a hamburger-shaped bean bag that is only half full of beans, BUT ISN'T IT FUN TO PRETEND?!) and brace yourself for some serious beauty—then just try (I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU) to pick a favorite. (YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO. IT'S LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE. BELIEVE ME, BUTTS, I'VE TRIED.)

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