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Love to Ship Fictional Couples? Then This Parody Shipping Video is For You!

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Love to Ship Fictional Couples? Then This Parody Shipping Video is For You!

Is it possible to ship yourself with a music video? If it is, let us borrow a stamp, because you may as well consider us SHIPPED.

(Note to self: let's try and keep the post office humor to a minimum in 2014.)

The hilarious ladies of Not Literally created this amazing parody video celebrating the wonderful world of unconventional shipping habits. Set to the tune of Icona Pop's "I Love It," this immensely catchy and rewatchable video is sure to make you smile. Watch it now and thank us later!

They keep on saying they’re not gay, but yeah I really doubt that,
This can’t just be a bromance, who would write a show about that?
I think the subtext in the second season’s pretty clear,
Don’t tell me I need to calm down—

I don't care, I ship it.

We don't care, we love it! The "it" in question of course being this video—and cheddar popcorn, but at this point our affection for that snack should just be implied in every SparkLife sentence you read.

We finally have a video we can watch to help assuage our shipping guilt. No more feeling inadequate about thinking, nay, KNOWING that Cap'n Crunch and Toucan Sam should sail off into the sea of romantic cereal bliss together. People thought we were insane in the shipbrain when we shipped Buffy the Television Vampire Slayer with Buffy the Cinematic Vampire Slayer, but who's laughing now, world? Trust us, there are way worse couples you could ship.

The catchy lyrics for this kooky music video can be found right about here.

Which fictional couple do you ship?

[Via io9]

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