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30 Cute, Quirky Secret Santa Gifts Under $20!;;;


So you and your pals get together and decide to do a Secret Santa gift exchange with only one rule: NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO SPEND MORE THAN $20. But of course, stupid Brooke goes out and drops 89 bucks on a 37-karat zirconium engraved gravy bucket, and all the other presents pale by comparison, and malice and jealousy mingle in the air with the scent of pine needles and meatloaf, and your Secret Santa party quickly devolves into a terrifying, real-life version of the Hunger Games.

This scenario is totally hypothetical and has definitely never happened to me. But HAD it happened to me, I would use this slideshow as a platform to tell you butts that NO MORE shall the Brookes of the world make a $20 bill seem inadequate. NO MORE shall we humble gift givers watch in horror as our nightmarish homemade ginger bread houses are thrown by the wayside in favor of expensive, OVER-BUDGET prezzies. For today, TO-DAY, we have found our holy grail: a slideshow stuffed with quirky, cool, funny, awesome, pretty gifts—ALL UNDER 20 BUCKOS. So whether you're playing Secret Santa for a classmate, family member, or friend this holiday season, remember: IN THE HUNGER GAMES, THERE ARE NO WINNERS. THERE ARE ONLY SURVIVORS. (There are other lessons you could take away from this slideshow, but I think that one's probably the most important.)

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