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Don't Forget to Trademark Your Awesomeness

Don't Forget to Trademark Your Awesomeness

By Janet Manley


Sparklers, Nerdfighters, super species that are both: get a load of this. Urban Outfitters is selling a "don't forget to be awesome" rug, becoming just the latest in a long line of crafty appropriators of the John Greenism (an "initialism"—not an "acronym"!—he credits a friend with inventing, while acknowledging that the Vlogbrothers popularized the phrase and ignited its global propellants). Could John Green sue over the unauthorized use of his unofficial trademark? Yes! But will he? No. Why? He explains in super-fast style in the below video.

It's not all failboats. The good news, according to your favorite author and human, is that even if companies like Hobby Lobby and Urban Outfitters are profiting off someone else's mind putty, they are nevertheless helping more and more potential Nerdfighters be reached by the awesome power of the Vlogbrothers mantra. On top of which, in a battle between corporate behemoths and regular people chasing the Great Perhaps, bookies like yourself have the choice to reclaim "DFTBA" as your own by simply reinterpreting it.

The Vlogbrothers (especially Hank, in this sweet rap) have already offered:

Darling Fetch the Battle Axe

Damn Facebook Too Bloody Addicting

Drunk Fish Try Breathing Air

Delano Fears To Be Afraid

Dorky Face Turd Brother Arrives

Difficult Financial Times Bring Apocalypse

and a bunch of others. To this list, we will add:

Dugong Finagling Toes Between Arms

Delicious Food Turns Brown Already

Deli Fish Tells Bad Aroma

Deified Frog Turns Back Again

Digging From Tulsa By Air

Full disclosure: English is a tool we have not yet mastered.

Add your own DFTBA meanings below!

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