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Quiz: Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?

Quiz: Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?

Because you’ve always wanted to know! It’s our yummiest quiz yet!

1. It's Saturday and you have the whole day to do whatever you want. You're going to:
a. Relax on the couch. Maybe even take a nap.
b. Call your friends and meet up at the park! Laughter, ahoy!
c. Go for a run, followed by some yoga. It's never a bad time for fitness!
d. Help your mom with house chores. You know she could use a hand and you're usually too busy.
e. Practice selfies in the mirror and then work on filming a beauty tutorial.

2. Which of these cosmetics do you not leave the house without?
a. Concealer
b. Lipstick
c. Eyeliner
d. Blush
e. Foundation

3. What part of Thanksgiving makes you happiest?
a. The food! What else?
b. The parade on TV
c. Preparing for the event of the year: Black Friday.
d. Leftovers
e. Spending time with family

4. What pie do you like the best?
a. Sweet potato
b. Chocolate
c. Apple
d. Pecan
e. Pumpkin

5. Which holiday movie will you watch during your time off?
a. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
b. Love Actually
c. The Muppets
d. Lord of the Rings: The a Fellowship of the Ring
e. A Charlie Brown Christmas

6. Which of these people is your domestic hero?
a. Amy Sedaris
b. Rachael Ray
c. Daphne Oz
d. Nate Berkus
e. Martha Stewart

How did you do?

Mostly As: Yams with marshmallows. You're kooky, campy, and love cartoons! Thanksgiving is another day for you to dress up like a farm animal and make a happy plate with your food. Fun!
Mostly Bs: Cranberry sauce. You’re sweet, romantic, and serious. You usually spend this holiday swooning over the parade hosts on TV or texting your crush. This year, wake up and smell the rosemary and enjoy the rest of what the holiday has to offer!
Mostly Cs: Green bean casserole. Ah, the healthiest Thanksgiving dish (because it has some traces of green). You’re a lean, mean, fitness machine and the only time you’ll be on the couch is for the big game. And let’s be real: you will probably be off the couch, screaming at the TV, you maniac!
Mostly Ds: Stuffing. You’re a solid friend and family member who loves to help out and stick together! You’ll be enjoying your time with loved ones and then relaxing with a hot tea and book after the meal because you’re calm and classy like that.
Mostly Es: Turkey. Oh, you. Thanksgiving is your absolute favorite holiday and you will have everything go your way, even if it kills you. You have perfected your mulled cider recipe and cute little pie tarts and have already organized the pin the tail on the turkey contest, which you will probably win. Go on with your bad self.

What's your favorite Thanksgiving food? Which ones did we miss?

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