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This Blog Is Thankful for Rad Brown Dads!

This Blog Is Thankful for Rad Brown Dads!

By Janet Manley

Happy Thanksgiving/eating until you die weekend! I always find the giving thanks thing a bit awk when you go around the table because I didn't grow up having Thanksgivings, and also I have a vintage aluminum lunch box instead of a heart, so expressing emotion is difficult. (Expressing carrot sticks and PB&Js, however, is very easy.) Anyway, I came across this awesome blog that is devoted to awesome dad, RadBrownDads.

The website accepts submissions from everyone, and its general mission is "fostering self-love and retrospection via the struggles, beauty and power of parents of color." You can also submit non-brown dads, but only if they are RAD  :D

Here is one post I dig:

Sara shared with me this lovely photo of her grandfather and his buds out for a swim in Lahore Canal for what is our oldest rad brown photo yet - 1935! In those days, it was considered safe to swim in the canal. Also, it was considered super awesome to wear your unitard swim suit like Andre the Giant.

My dad is super rad, and while he isn't brown, he does have a frightening tan because he's a sailor and he lives in Australia where the sun is twice as strong, plus I think when you listen to enough Jimmy Buffet, a Florida tan naturally develops, with or without UV exposure. Also, he has experienced life from a position of relative privilege, and would be the first to admit it. Other rad dads have been through a lot more to get to where they are today.

So hurrah for this cool Tumblr, whether you're a POC or not. Also, props for bringing back the word "rad."

Have your parents been faced with challenges for being POC? 

[via Jezebel]

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