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How to Shop for Guys This Holiday Season

How to Shop for Guys This Holiday Season

Shopping for a guy isn’t always easy. Most guys don’t want anything you can find in a store. So, here’s a few different ways you can go when you need to pick a pressie.

Sometimes, a homemade item is a good way to go. Lots of times, guys will go to things with you because they care about you, but deep down they don’t really want to leave the house. So, get him some “excuse dollars” that he can use to get out of events he doesn’t want to attend. You can print out about five and write down various excuses on them, such as “I know you only had one grandfather, but I had to dig our pekingese out of the snow.”

One thing to NOT do is get him something that plays on his insecurities. When I was an awkward teenager, my mother decided to make me a “puberty kit” one year for Christmas. It contained a razor, deodorant stick and tissue box. This made me uber weird about my body for years. What we’re saying is if he’s bald, don’t get him a hat.

An easy and safe bet is buying him a gift certificate to the Gap. Often, guys get overwhelmed by shopping, but at the Gap, the clothes look generally the same. Instead of having to go through rack after rack of unwanted items, you can pretty much just close your eyes and point.

Men love power. So, print out one hundred business cards with his name on it and a title. You can make up a fake company name for the business, just make sure he’s the president of that company.

Guys don’t always know what they want and rarely think it's worthwhile to spend money on presents, so if you know he wants a hot dog maker, but won’t buy it for himself, that’s a fine choice for a gift.

More than anything, guys enjoy hanging out with their friends. Whether that means watching sports or playing Dungeons & Dragons, it’s all the same. Spend money on an activity that’s all-inclusive—a sporting event, a comic book convention or a multiplayer video game.

There a few obvious items that make great gifts. Buying a guy a subscription to Netflix or Spotify are strong ideas because those are two things he’ll use everyday. That way, he’s always thinking of you =  high return on investment (ROI!).

Another thought along those lines is to clear out all his holey, old underwear and buy him new underdackery. He'll think of you every time he puts on his musical reindeer boxers—if you’re in a relationship with him, he’ll be less likely to cheat, because he has to take them off to do that and hearing "Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer" will make it that much harder. It’s strategy disguised as love.

What are your guy-shopping tips? Any Manklers care to weigh in?

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