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Around the World In 30 Butts

Around the World In 30 Butts

For all you Sparklers who are world travelers or long to be someday, you're going to need this guide so you know how to say things like "What a pain in the tuckus!" and "I'm tired of sitting on my fanny!" in other languages. You're welcome.

Spanish: culata

French: cible

Latin: natibus

Portuguese: nádegas or bumbum

German: gesäß

Italian: glutei

Dutch: zitvlak

Chinese: 臀部 (túnbù)

Japanese: 尻 (shiri)

Thai: ก้น (k̂n)

Indonesian: pantat

Greek: οπίσθια (opísthia)

Afrikaans: boude

Russian: nádegasягодицы (yagoditsy)

Turkish: kalça or popo

Korean: 엉덩이 (eongdeong-i)

Icelandic: rassinn

Norwegian: baken

Swedish: rumpa

Hindi: नितम्ब (nitamba)

Arabic: ردفان

Finnish: takapuoli

Irish: masa

Persian: سرین

Czech: hýždě

Hungarian: fenék

Polish: zad

Estonian: tagumik

Filipino: puwit

Malaysian: punggung

Got one that we missed? Tell us in the comments!

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