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Around the World In 30 Butts

Around the World In 30 Butts

By Bailey_Swilley

For all you Sparklers who are world travelers or long to be someday, you're going to need this guide so you know how to say things like "What a pain in the tuckus!" and "I'm tired of sitting on my fanny!" in other languages. You're welcome.

Spanish: culata

French: cible

Latin: natibus

Portuguese: nádegas or bumbum

German: gesäß

Italian: glutei

Dutch: zitvlak

Chinese: 臀部 (túnbù)

Japanese: 尻 (shiri)

Thai: ก้น (k̂n)

Indonesian: pantat

Greek: οπίσθια (opísthia)

Afrikaans: boude

Russian: nádegasягодицы (yagoditsy)

Turkish: kalça or popo

Korean: 엉덩이 (eongdeong-i)

Icelandic: rassinn

Norwegian: baken

Swedish: rumpa

Hindi: नितम्ब (nitamba)

Arabic: ردفان

Finnish: takapuoli

Irish: masa

Persian: سرین

Czech: hýždě

Hungarian: fenék

Polish: zad

Estonian: tagumik

Filipino: puwit

Malaysian: punggung

Got one that we missed? Tell us in the comments!

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Bailey Swilley is a writer, web production editor, and comedian living in Brooklyn. She loves to talk about dogs, musical theatre, and celebs... especially Beyonce.

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