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The Holidays Came Early With Katy Perry's New Music Video!

The Holidays Came Early With Katy Perry's New Music Video!

Our favorite Tarzan impersonator, popstar Katy Perry, is spreading winter cheer with her new vid for her single “Unconditionally.”

If you’re feeling super wintry but not quite yule-tidey yet (we’re great at adjectives here), then you need to check out Katy Perry’s breathtaking video for her new single. Here are 10 reasons we love the stuffing out of it.

1. Sigh of relief. It’s a welcome break from all this “Bound 2” Kanye talk. No Kardashians in this vid, y’all!

2. It’s got a ton of velvet clothing and curtains that we want to touch so badly. Plus, the dancers wearing the clothing look like a barrel of fun!

3. The costumes and set are Downton Abbey meets Cinderella meets Snow White meets Marie Antoinette!

4. The slow-motion videography is so powerful and captivating that we had to watch this video three times, which means we know all the words to the song now. "Un-con-dish-unnnnullll-eeeeeeee!"

5. All the flowers! The feathers! The breaking glass! The falling snow! What does it all mean? We know it probably has something to do with her ex or her new beau, but we’re going to pretend this song is about Katy’s cat, Kitty Purry.

6. Owl points. The video receives 10. (Is that you, Hedwig?)

7. Helloooo, makeup inspiration. We know so many YouTube tutorials are going to come from this video and we’re cracking open our russet-colored lipsticks for them!

8. There's a cute little boy jumping up and down, and a bed on fire! Can they please just make this video into a full-length movie already?

9. Flaming boobs points. This video receives 10.

10. The symbolism of this song with the lovers and destruction make us a little weepy! We feel emotional about the idea of crashing and burning, and moving on with a new life and opportunities. And you thought “Roar” was inspiring!

11. This video seems like a preview into the direction Katy Perry is going with her career, and it makes us excited. Yeah, we love the campy cupcakes, fireworks, and head gear, but it will be refreshing to see where she goes with her more thoughtful and romantic songs on Prism.

12. Yaaaay, snow! Winter is coming.

What did you think about Katy Perry’s new song?

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