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Girl Engineers Provide Blueprints for Winning at Life: Pack Up the Internets and Go Home

Girl Engineers Provide Blueprints for Winning at Life: Pack Up the Internets and Go Home


Today in internet wins, we have some awesome geniuses in the making and a company, Goldie-Blox, who teamed up to create awesomeness in the form of a Rube Goldberg machine made out of dinky, pink plastic girl toys. So longgggg teaset!

The gist of the video is: Girls' toys are often, and typically, pretty boring, centered around domestic chores like making tea, raising babies, and bedazzling things over and over. Their primary "colorway" is pink, with highlights of pink and trimmings of pink. Meanwhile, boys get chemistry sets, robotic Lego, computer coding programs, and so on, setting them up to become masters of the universe later in life, where they vastly outnumber females in STEM careers (just 17% of chemical engineers and 22% of environmental scientists are women, even though we have equally amazing cantaloupes inside our skulls).

We are in RADID VENTRICLE CONTRACTION with the mini-engineers featured in the video, who have created a humungous Rube Goldberg machine of chain reactions from the debris of gender-prescriptive toys. Let's walk through this Cannes masterpiece...

Here the girls are, hating on the princess action on TV. Wins for facial expressions here, which perfectly mirror me whenever someone tries to put my hair in an updo.

The first ingredient in internet subversion is: a good tune. Cue the Fisher Price record player:

We are go for Rube Goldberg launch:

The experiment is observed safely from outside the lab, where proper eyewear is being demonstrated. Side note: Is the picture on the sink of the kids on a rollercoaster ride? It looks like maybe their hands are up and they're screaming for joy at being released from a lifetime's bondage as patriarchal possessions.

Wins for cubby-building: 1.

The proper way to use a see-saw: Attach a golf club to one end and let the magic roll on.

And the penultimate: Pink swings and shade tents go flying as engineer #3 hits her mark:

Here's the video in full:

Are these engineers awesome? Or awesome-cubed?

[via Jezebel]

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