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Facing Midterms: This, Too, Shall Pass

Facing Midterms: This, Too, Shall Pass

Sparkletoes, refrain from pushing me back under the rock I came out of because I am going to give you tips on all things midterms. Now, I know midterms aren't exactly in the middle of the term and the fact that they end a few weeks before finals is majorly unnerving, but you gotta deal with it. You have to face the enemy, soldier. You have to survive the semi-apocalyptic wrath of the teachers.

*hits gong*

1. Organize: Make sure you have all your notes, quizzes and tests from past classes. If not, ask a friend to photocopy their notes. Again, if not, grab a highlighter and a textbook and start marking stuff you think is important (Tip: look for the text in bold).

2. Schedule: Figure out how much time you have before midterms and plan accordingly. Set aside an hour to finish a topic every day prior to midterms. Cramming the night before a test does not help all the time.

3. Study: Not sure where to start? Try working on subjects and topics you don't feel very confident about. Always ask your teachers to help out if you haven't understood something. And for the topics you're comfortable with, revise. (Tip: You can always check out stuff on SparkNotes! Yes, there are things other than SparkLife on here).

4. Eat: The better your brain eats, the better it functions. Trust me. Lean and green, soldier, LEAN AND GREEN.

5. Sleep: Get a good night's rest everyday. Don't study too hard into the night or you'll wake up the next morning with bags under your eyes—only attractive if you're Mila Kunis.

6. Exercise: All work and no play—you know how it is. Put your sneakers on and get runnin', Sparklers!

7. Relax: Take some time off every day to just chill. Do anything that makes you happy and relaxed.

8. Ignore: DO NOT listen to the kids who brag about not having midterms. They are not worth your time. Flush them in a toilet or shove them into a Dora the Explorer backpack.

9. Believe: You can do this, soldier. You will beat it. You will rise again.

*hits gong*

Any other advice for those running the midterms gauntlet?!

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