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29 YouTube Buttons That Should Exist

29 YouTube Buttons That Should Exist

Grumpy Cat

Most people spend more time on YouTube than they do looking into each other's eyes. In the future, instead of showing family our vacation photos, we're going to huddle around the computer monitor, showing each other cat videos we found during our trip to Japan. YouTube is the new way of expressing ourselves, which is why the clowns at Google should add more button choices! Thumbs up and thumbs down aren't cutting the mustard anymore. Here's are some buttons we wish existed...

1. "Thumbs up! 7-up!"
2. Share => email to co-workers to prove that I don't do much work here.
3. Thumbs down (behead him!)
4. Stat counter of people who thought this was a cat video.
5. Embed => bury in a ditch somewhere.
6. Share => with that cute boy from class. NO, the OTHER ONE!
7. "Show me all other parodies! Now!"
8. (Sassy vibrating button) "Haaaated it!"
9. "Thought this was someone else's video. Sorry! You look a lot alike!"
10. "Saw the ad, fell asleep during video."
11. "Part of a playlist. Didn't really click on it."
12. "Just clicked because the thumbnail looked fun. It wasn't."
13. "Only watched because you're my friend. You're welcome, Mark."
14. "My cat accidentally walked across the keyboard."
15. Share => with everyone but my parents.
16. Flag for non-offensive material. (What else is YouTube good for if not horrific misdirections?)
17. Flag for sleep interference. 20-yard penalty.
18. "Needs more CATS!"
19. "The title screen was the best part."
20. "Liked it but will never admit to watching this video."
21. "Needs more  DOGS!!!"
23. "Watched at 3am. Will never remember."
24. "Stop making these videos. Become a writer."
25. "MEH!"
26. "Just played it in the background as I did my homework."
27. "I thought this was a cat video!!"
28. "Ignore forever."
29. "Better on Vimeo."

What personalized buttons do you wish you had on YouTube?

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