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BREAKING: Mrs. Doubtfire Still Relevant, Saves Life

BREAKING: Mrs. Doubtfire Still Relevant, Saves Life

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Earlier today, when we learned a 7-year-old girl saved her mom’s life with a move she remembered from Mrs. Doubtfire, we were like, WAIT, kids still watch that movie? Are they also scarred for life by the flaming foam boobs?! And then we were like, WAIT, it is a classic physical comedy though, using saucepan lids to put out her flaming boobs was a hilarious gaffe. Oh what a silly man-lady! And then we were like, WAIT a 7-year-old did what now? She USED SAUCEPAN LIDS ON HER MOTHER'S BOOBS?!!!!

Oh, no, we have that wrong. So Amira Thronton of Gresham, Oregon, heard her mom choking and then proceeded to save her life, the Daily Mail reports. Our little Robin Williams was watching television when she heard “strange noises” coming from the kitchen. She immediately sprung into action by putting on a grey wig and fat suit, talking in a sing-song British ascent, and giving her mom the Heimlich maneuver. OK, only the last part of that is true, but how funny would it be if she yelled “Help is on the way, dear!” as she gave her mom a life-saving thrust to the abdomen? PRETTY FUNNY, that’s how funny.

In case you forgot the classic Pierce Brosnan vs The Shrimp incident of 1993 (now a life-saving scene), here it is:

And the Aww! My breast are on fire! scene. Oh hahaha men trying to cook! So funny! (Has yet to save lives, AS FAR AS WE KNOW):

What do you think of this quick-thinking kid?

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