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What to Do With Your 15 Minutes of Fame

What to Do With Your 15 Minutes of Fame

Maybe your Vine about your pet bunny plotting murder hit crazy levels of success, maybe a news camera caught sight of your beautiful face, or maybe you just wrote the Hilarious Tweet to end all Hilarious Tweets. However it happened, people are now in a frenzy about you! Capitalize on your fast-won fame and don’t disappoint your new fans—you may even manage to spin your 15 minutes of fame into a lifetime of renown. However long it lasts, here's what you should do with your fame while you've got it:

1. Moon the paparazzi.
2. Receive free admission to every museum you can think of.
3. Create a charity and raise exorbitant amounts of money for the children/the whales/literacy groups.
4. Meet Kanye West.
5. Get a reality show on MTV.
6. Develop a weirdly specific niche business selling things like dog pedicures or baby berets.
7. Get a lot of Twitter followers and then exclusively tweet your opinions on various soft cheeses and have people really listen.
8. Entertain millions with tabloid stories about your various high jinks and capers.
9. Steal an original Rembrandt and get away with it.
10. Get a P.O. Box and see if people will send you things.
11. Convince John Green to read your fanfiction and give you his thoughts on it.
12. Take one of the Hemsworth brothers to prom.
13. Pitch a movie to a studio exec and actually have it made.
14. Get Taylor Swift to cowrite a song with you about your rude exboyfriend.
15. Inspire countless standup acts from coast to coast and eventually become a cultural icon.

How will you spend your 15 minutes of fame? We're starting with #11!

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