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Very Avrily: Reviewing Avril's Self-Titled Album

Very Avrily: Reviewing Avril's Self-Titled Album

Avril Lavigne is back, Sparklebutts! Her self-titled album was released on November 1st, and includes the singles "Here's To Never Growing Up," "Rock n' Roll" and "Let Me Go." We love the fact that she's vowed to never grow up, but does this album live up to the high musical expectations since her last album? Here's what we thought:

Rock n' Roll: Catchy choruses, irresistible tunes and teenage glory is what Avril's best known for, and this track has it all. We're greatly reminded of her "Complicated" days, with this being her new teen anthem. Plus, there's a familiar reference to singer-songwriter Joan Jett, whom we all relate well to "Bad Reputation."

Here's To Never Growing Up: Although the line, "Singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs" makes you wonder if she's ever heard any of their music, this track is all that you need to sit back and revel in your youth.

17: This track reeks of nostalgia and mushy high school romance—which we love!

Bitchin' Summer: The music mellows at the fourth track, but we love how this song makes us relive the last-days-of-school feeling and looking forward to summer!

Let Me Go: Is it just us or does this track hint at moving on from her ex-husband and lead singer of Sum 41, Deryck Whibley? Complete with a beautiful piano solo, heavy vocals, and her current husband, Chad Kroeger (Nickelback frontman), this track is definitely one of the best of this album.

Give What You Like: Avril breaks from her juvenile, contemporary rock sounds and delivers a dark and dirty track.

Bad Girl: A Marilyn Manson-infused track with failed vocals, this is probably our least favorite.

Hello Kitty: We don't care what people say—apart from the borderline creepy chorus, we actually enjoyed this track. It might just be a more feline version to "Harlem Shake".

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet: We're not a fan of the consistent use of auto-tune throughout the album, but this track survives. Fall crushes and butterflies, that's what we're picturing!

Sippin' On Sunshine: This track reminds us a lot of Katy Perry's "Roar". In fact, we wish it was a Katy Perry number.

Hello Heartache: Again, the auto-tune gets this track a big "no". Apart from that, the powerful lyrics and eerie backing vocals give us proof there IS something underneath.

Falling FastBeing sweet, breezy, and nearing perfection, we believe this is the direction Avril should head in.

Hush Hush: Avril totally WORKED this soft melody, making us wonder what else she has up her sleeve. A good ending to her fifth studio album.

Overall we give the album a four out of a possible five leather wrist cuffs, and hope Avril continues to bewilder us with her out-of-the-blue music and catchy vocals, but at the same time pray that she gives us more of what we loved and are willing to wait for.

What did you think of the album?

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