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The Troll of the Day Is This "Motivational Speaker"

The Troll of the Day Is This "Motivational Speaker"

All-knowing man Justin Lookadoo (NO! Look at YOU, Justin!) has a website called "R U Dateable?" for teens who aren't sure if they are dateable, and aren't sure how to spell out full words. Rudatable claims to provide guides to the opposite sex, ignoring of course the rich tapestry of inter, intra and universal gender qualities/identities/preferences. Nowhere on Rudatable could I find simple advice for dating a llama of the same sex as me. How rud.

First up, visitors to this unfortunate URL are split into girls and guys, so that Justin can whisper nuggets of wisdom without boy/girl-germ cross-contamination occurring. His advice includes such gems as "A guy will treat you like you are dressed" and "He doesn't want sex with you because he loves you, he wants it 'cuz you're a girl and you're willing" and "God made guys as leaders." EEEEE. *record scratch* I don't want to speak for anyone else, but don't tell me to "let him do guy things" because he was born for greatness and I wasn't. Now, people are allowed to have their (unjust) opinions, but it's another thing when a PTA pays him to come lecture students, as did Richardson High School in Texas.


the website begins

you’ll [...] learn the importance of mystery and the power of subtle beauty. So get ready. In four weeks, you will be dateable!

WUT. I took the quiz for girls, and am dismayed to report that on account of my willingness to talk to and be honest with boys, I am DATELESS.

Obviously, this news really hit me.

[Cartoon Network]

This guy bills himself as a "motivational speaker" but the only thing we're motivated to do after looking at this website is get up on our hand-shaped soapbox and tell him where to put his opinions.

What do you think about his advice for high schoolers?

[via Gawker]

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