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The Ultimate BFF To-Do List!

The Ultimate BFF To-Do List!

Midterms are approaching and you totally need a break from all of that studying. You've decided to spend your last days of freedom with your BFF, but end up so bored by all your traditional activities—going to the spa, getting lunch, coffee outings—you almost feel like retreating to your midterm prep (nah, JK)! So, we've come up with some of the coolest things to get doing with your soul sister!

1. Try a new cuisine: Not to say we will ever get sick of ol' trusty mac 'n' cheese (pry it from my cold, dead elbows), but it’s so much fun trying crazy new dishes with your amiga. Plus, if you get an upset stomach, they do too. *evil grin*

2. Take time o' the day pictures: Pick a particular time and take a picture at that exact time every day until you get how weird it is.

3. Host a tea party: Invite all of your stuffed animals to a very exclusive and posh—finger sandwiches and cupcakes included—tea party.

4. Tie-dye: Tie-dye your shoes, your hair, your rug, your pet, anything and everything, let’s go! go! go!

5. Go on a crazy diet: Eat popcorn or candy or cheese balls or whatever kinda junk food you love for an entire day.

6. Bake a cookie: And by that I mean the BIGGEST cookie that can fit in the oven.

7. Water balloons: Put them in front of your kitty and wait for the magic to happen.

8. Show your inner artist: Perform dance routines or sing theatrical songs in public restrooms if you're too shy to go full outdoors.

9. Cosplay: Dress up and pretend you’re your favorite TV/movie/book character for an entire day.

10. Elevator: Run into random elevators and take endless rides until you get sick to your stomach.

11. Pretend you’re a statue: Hop on over to the park and freak the birds out.

12. Camp indoors: Make a fire, burn marshmallows and perform satanic rituals.

13. Hold a séance: Find out if there are spooky spirits in your house waiting to possess you.

14. Build a fort: Why the heck not?!

15. Wood skate: Sprinkle powder on your hardwood floors, pop on some poofy socks and slide.

16. Pretend you’re from the future: Walk up to a random kid and tell them you’re them from the future.

17. Lip sync: Step #1 of an intensive training program for making JGL fall in love with you.

18. Scuba dive in your bathtub, get bitten by sharks and have your rubber duck rescue you. As described.

What are you fav BFF activities?

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