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SparkLife's School of Advanced Study: Discover Our Alumni's Geek PhDs

By Janet Manley Nov 13, 2013

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We get a lot of questions from Sparklers about how we got jobs here in the SparkShip, and the answer is: education. Geek education. Here are our geek PhDs!

Josh is not only trained in the classic art of candy corn connoiseurship, he's board certified.

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Tags: superheroes, sparkitors, sploggers, education, geek culture, special skills

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Janet Manley

Janet's desk was moved into the hall for the duration of coursework on Roman numerals in grade four, and she cannot tell one Rocky from another to this day. Her spirit animal is a wombat, and she has not written a novel. Dauntless, Gryffindor, Mockingjay. She tweets @janetmanley

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