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20 Ways To Salvage Your School Photo On a Bad Skin Day

20 Ways To Salvage Your School Photo On a Bad Skin Day

It’s school picture day—the greatest day ever, unless your epidermis is EPIC DERP MISS (so very, very non-derp). Here are some ways to battle the pimple plague.

1. Pull a photo stunt of epic proportions and paint your face in pop art dots. You’ll look fun, retro, and super creative, all while masking your face volcanoes.

2. Bring a fog machine to school, and tell the photographer you’re going for a mysterious vibe.

3. Make a side winking face (showing your least pimply side, of course).

4. Sit as closely to the camera as possible so only your blurry nose shows.

5. Inquire with your yearbook staff about using a self portrait this year. Year of the selfie!

6. Go through with the pic, blemishes and all, under a different name, and then make sure you’re in the yearbook as much as possible in a bunch of other sections, blemish-free with your true name. Totes doable right?

7. Go beauty mark and freckle crazy! It’s spaute couture!

8. Wear a mask that looks eerily like you so no one will know the difference.

9. Ask a sibling that looks like you to pose instead.

10. Make a heinous facial expression that totally distracts from anything else going on in the pic.

11. Wear a GIANT necklace.

12. Embrace your pimples. Literally hug your face.

13. Look at the ceiling.

14. Look at the floor.

15. Wear fluffy, fluffy sleeves, Cee Lo Green-style. This won’t do anything for your blemishes, but it will do wonders for your arms!

16. Gas masks. So chic.

17. If all else fails, isn’t there make-up made for this specific disaster? Cleanse and tone and cleanse and tone and sleep on a pillow of cut cucumbers.

18. Speaking of makeup, MAKEUP! Duh. You can cover a whole town with that stuff! Spade on the concealer and spray it with a fixative. FTFY!! You’re welcome, Sparklers.

19. Vibrate quietly so that the shutter cannot get a crisp impression of your true self.

20. Pose in front of lasers.

What is your worst picture day mishap?

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