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The Princess Bride Is Going To Be a MUSICAL?!

The Princess Bride Is Going To Be a MUSICAL?!

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If you're anything like us, you probably thought that The Princess Bride was a film whose utter perfection could never, ever be improved upon. But if you're anything like us, you also probably never dared to imagine Wesley and Buttercup belting out "As You Wish" like a Taylor Swift power ballad, lingering on every last aching note while a chorus line of Rodents of Unusual Size dance behind them in elegant top hats and tap shoes. Which is to say, the news that The Princess Bride is going to be adapted for the stage CHANGES EVERYTHING.

The scoop: Disney, which has already done great things on stage with its Broadway blockbuster The Lion King, is going to be working with author and screenwriter William Goldman (who wrote the original fairytale and screenplace for The Princess Bride) to adapt the tale of Wesley, Buttercup, Humperdink and company for performance onstage. And the more we think about it, the more this seems like such a good idea that we can't believe nobody has done it yet. Imagine the "iocaine powder" exchange as a rousing pas de deux. Imagine Inigo Montoya delivering his long-awaited vengeance in a rich baritone, to the pounding of drums. Imagine Count Tyrone Rugen singing a whimsical little ditty about all the hideous evil things he likes to do with that extra finger!

There's just one thing about this news that's not awesome, which is that it's still so early in the process that there's not even a timeline in place for the production, which means that there's nobody into whose hands we can thrust our money in exchange for tickets. And to that, we say… boo.



Which scene from The Princess Bride do you most want to see as a musical number?

[via Pedestrian TV]

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