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SparkTown Joins Vine

The MindHut
SparkTown Joins Vine

Hi team, it's been a busy day here at SparkTown, because we were hard at work KEEPIN' IT REAL with all the new stuff, the buzz, the bizznack, the slang, the quadrangle. We've Vined (corporate verbs!) some of the hot action from inside our rabbit-shaped-hand-shaped offices, for you to get an inside peek!


Here's Emily and Josh just getting around the office, all caj, just moving between the water fountain and the ball pit like it ain't no thang.

Spark Dance Labs

When we're not editing and writing posts for SparkLife and Mindhut, the Sparkitors are pretty busy developing cutting edge dance moves to be released into high impact markets in time for the Yule Balls. We have had mixed results in the labs.

Connection issues

Sometimes, the important work we do here is impeded by technical difficulties, like not being able to get on the web.

Staff meeting

Even though we spend our days with our spinal cords plugged into our iMacs, we still interface like normal people with things like staff meetings and desk pow-wows.

Girl talk at the office

It's important to take time out from work to PLAY, ya know? Here Melissa and Emily talk about some of their fav girl stuff.

Josh catches up on the latest viral videos

We have someone watching YouTube around the clock to keep abreast of the latest developments in grumpy cats and nostalgic videos from young popstars. Usually, this person is Josh.

Melissa does some research

We also like to take a hands-on approach to understanding you, the Sparklers.

Have you guys gotten into Vine? Follow us @SparkNotes!

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