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If You Can Read This T-Shirt, You're Literary

If You Can Read This T-Shirt, You're Literary


OHHHH, look at these t-shirts! Litographs has designed a series of tees and satchels that depict famous and worthy books like The Great Gatsby, The Jungle Book, Moby Dick, Heart of Darkness, The Picture of Dorian Grey and all the other biggies. Well cover us in Herman Melville and color us In Cold Blood! 

These tees are pretty sweet, IMO, because they're abstract enough that they look like something you would wear for the design, but they also contain the FULL TEXT OF THE BOOK IN QUESTION in case you are ever left after ballet class waiting for a ride for five hours with nothing to do. The only problem is that if your head is attached to your neck, as opposed to your belly button, you're going to have to read the novels upside down. ***IDEA ALERT*** Someone send one of these babies to Liam Hemsworth and he'll have to take his shirt off to read it! ***END IDEA ALERT***

Here is a closeup of the text for Pinocchio:

And here is the full shirt in all its majesty:

And lastly here is a man thinking about whether he should wear his shirt upside down, or just learn to read that way:

WE WANT WE WANT WE WANT. How far off is the holiday season?

What do you think of these readable tees and totes?

[via Buzzfeed]

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