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Holy Haircut, Katniss!

Holy Haircut, Katniss!

Our girl J Law got the chop, le clapot in French, and it looks great! Following in the footsteps of Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Hudson, and even Beyonce for that one hot minute, Jennifer Lawrence has short hair now. And is also on a plane! But the latter is not as important as that sweet new 'do. We think she looks super fly! Well, actually the Sparklife offices is a little divided. Our walls echo with the contradictions of “Yes!!! Two thumbs up!” and “Wait. Kate Gosselin, is that you?”

Here the hair is at its unveiling!

(From J-Law's Facebook page)

Here it is sitting on a chair next to Josh Heartchison!

(From J-Law's Facebook page)

ANYWAY this could not come as a more important time, because some of us have just gotten past the awkward stage of growing out a failed bob from two years ago. Now we’re all, wait, was growing it out a mistake? Should I have just gone shorter? Was that the thing to do?

Sigh, maybe we’ll never know the right answer to the epically long debate of Short vs Long! But what do you guys think? Good move or hair fail? Short or long? Answer our poll!

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J-Law's chop:

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