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Hilarious Fake Rom-Com Trailer Hits You Like Bowling Ball to Face

Hilarious Fake Rom-Com Trailer Hits You Like Bowling Ball to Face

By Janet Manley

Above Average

If you love romantic comedies, you are going to "fall head over heels" for this trailer about a heroine so hapless she falls over in every. single. scene. We <3 SNL's Kate McKinnon, who stars in the fake trailer (failer?) with Zachary Levi, and she really tosses rom-com cliches ass over tail in this piece of comedic genius.

The heroine falls in love with a dude after crashing into him in the street (just like real life!), but their romance is complicated by her constant pratfalls. "I want to go to the Grand Canyon!" Her Romeo yells with desperation. "I want to go to the Eiffel Tower!" McKinnon responds by falling over. He buys her a walking stick, but she falls over trying it out. Her heart almost drops through the floor when she finds out he is leaving for a job in London. Shortly afterward, she actually does fall to the floor. Eventually, she realizes she must win him back, in a safety helmet, with a desperate, hopelessly romantic, dangerous jog through the streets of Manhattan.

So endearing. "Chicks, dude, chicks."

Would you watch this fake movie?

[via Flavorwire]

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