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16 Great Ways to Update Your Bedroom Walls

16 Great Ways to Update Your Bedroom Walls

Whether your walls are bare or plastered with posters, there’s never a bad time to redecorate. Especially if, in between the unicorn painting from fourth grade and the suspicious stain from before your family moved into your house, it feels like you’ve outgrown your surroundings. Depending on how strict your parents are, the opportunities to define your space can be endless. There are paints, pictures, posters, wallpaper, decals, textiles, and more that can take your room from the average suburbs to the teen movie suburbs, where everyone has insanely awesome rooms that fit their personality perfectly. Here are some ways you can begin:

1. Ask your parents if you can paint your walls (or a wall) with chalkboard paint and go crazy. This is great if you’re particularly indecisive, because you can change the walls whenever the mood strikes.

2. Wall decals are a cheap and effective way to spruce up an otherwise boring wall. They’re perfect for dorm rooms or rentals, where leaving nail holes is strictly verboten.

3. Gain street cred by spray painting your walls with cool graffiti. Parental permission advised!

4. For the more creatively or musically inclined, consider some alternative art. Break CD’s (like that old Ashlee Simpson disk you stole from your older sister) into lots of chunky pieces and stick them on the wall with Blutack. It’s completely temporary, so your parents can’t get mad—and it looks really cool.

5. If you can’t decide on just one theme, consider covering every square inch of wall with photos, magazine tears, photo-booth strips, and posters of all the things you love. Let your room become a shrine to every teen obsession you've got!

6. For Sparklers with a more minimalist sensibility, buy a canvas and paint and try your hand at freeform art. Remember: the bigger the canvas, the more professional the final painting will look. Even if all you do is stick a big blue butt print on it.

7. The hallmark of every great bedroom: year-round Christmas lights. Go all in and make it an entire installation. String so many up that visitors to your room wonder if they’ve accidentally wandered into the outdoor decorating section of Home Depot.

8. Re-create a famous work of art, like Van Gogh’s Starry Night, on a wall.

9. If you’re feeling particularly literary, take some time to trace out a nice quote for your wall. Anything said by Albus Dumbledore will do, or maybe a little Greek philosophy if you feel like throwing back.

10. Five words: glow-in-the-dark stars!

11. Hang up a cheap IKEA mirror. Not only will it reflect light and make your room feel bigger, it’s also a convenient way to practice your hair flipping and eyeliner application without leaving the room.

12. Hang up a sheet with a cool pattern. Pretend it’s a tapestry and feel a million times more fancy.

13. Sparklers who like to travel or have globe-trotting fantasies might like having a map on the wall. Buy one in a store, or draw it yourself from memory and see if you can really remember what European countries go where.

14. Hang shelves for all the books you have and all the books you’re going to buy. Soon enough, your room will start looking like a library with a bed in it.

15. Scan and print out book pages and then artfully cut and collage them into a scene from your favorite book. It’s meta art.

16. Go to a thrift store and buy weird things—from old painting to neon lights to cracked mirrors and silhouettes of people from the olden days. Hang them on your walls and enjoy having the most interesting room around.

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