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Catching Fire Countdown: T MINUS 15 DAYS! Let's Celebrate with a SLIDESHOW.

Murray Close/Lionsgate


15 DAYS, TRI-BUTTS. THAT'S ROUGHLY TWO WEEKS. 365 HOURS. ONE MILLION-ELEVENTY-HUNDRED SECONDS. (Approximately. I didn't have a calculator, so I just used long division and guesstimation on that one.) You've been waiting since March 23, 2012 and I know you can wait just a little longer—but to make the next 488,876 minutes (GUESSTIMATED AGAIN!) a little easier, I've got some CHOICE new movie stills from Catching Fire. Plus, one more little gift: this epic new TV spot featuring the Christina Aguilera soundtrack song We Remain! Just try to not get goosebumps when Jenna Malone (aka tribute Johanna Mason) says "Make 'em pay for it." YOU CAN'T. YOU CAN'T NOT GET GOOSEBUMPS. Click through the slideshow to temporarily ease your waiting pains, and then hit the comments to join me in FAN-GIRLING LIKE A MANIAC. (I'll be the one dressed as a giant tub of frosting, in the hopes that Peeta will rub me all over his face for camouflage.)

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