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What's Your Dickens Character Name?

What's Your Dickens Character Name?

Although he died over 140 years ago, you can still find Charles Dickens’ works everywhere: in the bookstore, on television, and even in Doctor Who.  These works are set in Victorian England and follow the stories of many whimsically named characters. So if you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to scurry around London working as a seamstress to the wealthy, or to be a poor blacksmith-turned-gentleman, have I got a name game for you! Just follow the steps below, find your Dickens-worthy moniker, and get to work on that Victorian accent!

First Name: Choose a name from the list that corresponds to your favorite Victorian-era writer.

Charles Dickens: Bentley, Harry, Charlotte, Flora

Charlotte Brontë: Jacques, William, Ninetta, Rosa

Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Frederick, Herbert, Emma, Amy

Lewis Carroll: Uriah, Jacob, Sarah, Kitty

Arthur Conan Doyle: Edwin, Philip, Clara, Matilda

George Eliot: Raymond, Oliver, Georgiana, Betsey

Oscar Wilde: Arthur, Jeremiah, Ada, Kate

Alfred Tennyson: Noah, Edward, Estella, Rachel

Bram Stoker: John, Neville, Honoria, Lucie

Emily Brontë: Allan, Ebenezer, Pet, Fanny

Robert Louis Stevenson: Charles, Nicholas, Sally, Arethusa

H.G. Wells: Daniel, Harold, Ester, Helena

George Bernard Shaw:  Luke, Tim, Martha, Nancy

Rudyard Kipling: Frank, Dolge, Judy, Malta

Thomas Hardy: Edmund, Thomas, Emily, Anne

Other: Vincent, Alexander, Julia, Agnes

“Argh! I can’t choose!”: Ephraim, Henry, Phoebe, Affery

Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the month you were born.

January: Lawrence/Quebec

February: Septimus/Henrietta

March: Abel/Laura

April: Hiram/Catherine

May: Bartholomew/Louisa

June: James/Therese

July: Leicester/Cecilia

August: Wilkins/Tamora

September: Christopher/Hortense

October: Nigel/Jane


December: Matthew/Arabella

Last Name: Choose from the surnames that correspond to your favorite of Dickens’ novels.

Oliver Twist: Bates or Pumblechook

Great Expectations: Nickleby or Grummidge

A Tale of Two Cities: Copperfield or Wemmick

Hard Times: Stryver or Gridley

Bleak House: Gargery or Drood

David Copperfield: Landless or Tulkinghorn

Little Dorrit: Clennam or Pirrip

Dombey and Son: Summerson or Clare

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby: Fleming or Sikes

The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Merdle or Carstone

A Christmas Carol: Havisham or Murdstone

The Old Curiosity Shop: Blandois or Pocket

Other: Dorrit or Sparkler

None: Rigaud or Scrooge

Post by Sydney Scott, aka Affery Jane Clennam

What's your Dickens name?

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