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November Horoscopes!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Welcome to November, Aries; one of the most exciting -bers. It's National Novel Writing Month (which we all call NaNoWRiMo), as well as Sweet Potato Awareness Month (which nobody calls SweePotAwMo, but someone really should). So if you were unaware of sweet potatoes, now is the month to get your act together, and if you have a story to tell about a girl who has magic powers and sounds suspiciously like you, this is your chance. If you can combine the two, that would be ideal, because the Sweet Potato people seem really desperate for attention. November is also, of course, the month when we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving; if you are not American, you are not required to give thanks for anything, but you should still eat some sweet potatoes. You should also be thankful for your friends, especially if they abide your wizard stories. Your lucky potato dish is Irish potato candy.

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