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Katy Perry Invades Australia!

Katy Perry Invades Australia!


Prism, the new album from Katy Perry, has dropped like a cane toad onto the helpless continent of Australia, cut off for so long from mainland Earth and vulnerable to invasive species. Upon its arrival, the Australian government declared the album a "potential biohazard" due to the inclusion of seeds in the packaging. THIS IS WHAT STARTED THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, PEOPLE!

Why do the albums contain seeds at all? Well, according to our BFF Katy, it is because you can plant seeds to "spread the light"... like a prism, yo. But Australia is understandably concerned about its agriculture, after previous plagues of European wasps, rabbits, cane toads, brumbies, artichokes and fire ants (yes, an artichoke plague!!!). Ah, I remember childhood days of dumping our city apples in the giant bin outside the agricultural district (Riverina!) where my grandparents live to prevent fruit fly infestation. Nothin' to see here. folk.

But we are A-OK with Katy's music. Australia is a wild, wild place.

[via Newser]

What do you think Katy's seed grow into?

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