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A List of Numbers We Love to See in Lists

A List of Numbers We Love to See in Lists

Let's be honest, when you see a post like "26 Ways to Take Over the World," you don't even want to click it because of that unappealing number. Lists are meant to come in certain increments, henceforth we present a list of numbers we love to see in lists (whOoOoOa, meta alert).

1. A top 3, because we can attribute bronze, silver, and gold medals accordingly.

2. A top 5, because five feels like a well-rounded amount.

3. A top 7, if only because 7 is a lucky number.

4. A top 10, because most countdowns start at 10. Just ask NASA.

5. A list of 13, if it's there is a Freaky Friday around the corner, because 13 is a scary/unlucky number.

6. A list of 25—it just feels like such a complete number. You're halfway to 50, a quarter of the way to 100... After reading a list of 25 things, you feel accomplished.

7. A top 40, if you're Casey Kasem and you're announcing America's Top 40 on your local pop music radio station.

8. A list of 50, because that is about the longest we can really focus on whatever subject is at hand.

9. A list of 75, because it's a well-rounded number and just looks right (we'll probably start skimming after 50).

10. A top 100, but only if the topic is something really engaging, like "100 of the cutest kittens ever" or "the top 100 times that Ryan Gosling looked good with his shirt off."

11. Within a list, we always look forward to number 32. By that point, you're nostalgic for the simpler days of single digits, but not corrupted by the 60s and 70s.

12. Numbers that match the topic, day, month etc. Top 5 and 5, Top Infinity to Infinity, we love thematic consistency.

14. While we like lists of 13, we don't like and WON'T INCLUDE the number 13 in lists because it's unlucky.

15. The number 1,342. We don't talk about it enough.

16. A cuddly 44 for a cold fall day.

17. A 17 because it comes right before everything gets TOO REAL.

18. This is ridiculous.

19. Chill out already.

20. Vunderful when included in lists being read out by The Count.

Did we miss a number that you love to see in lists?

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